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Apr 19, 2023

ExoProTher's CTO Presents Breakthrough Finding on Chicken p53 Efficacy Against Human Cancers
Orlando, Florida — April 19, 2023 — Dr. Alex Tendler, Chief Technology Officer of ExoProTher Medical, participated in the AACR Annual Meeting 2023 that took place in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Tendler unveiled a scientific poster summarizing a year of progress in research and development.
The highlight of the presentation was ExoProTher's groundbreaking discovery: the efficacy of chicken p53 in combating human cancer. This result holds immense promise for innovative therapies and advances our understanding of cancer mechanisms. Presented results showcased successful outcomes across a variety of human cancer cell line in vitro, including GBM, colon, ovarian, and lung cancers.
"Our presence at AACR reaffirms ExoProTher's commitment to pushing medical boundaries," said Dr. Tendler. "The potential of chicken p53 in human cancer cells opens new doors in our fight against cancer."
Engaging with thought leaders across various fields, ExoProTher harnessed the AACR Annual Meeting to enrich its perspective and fuel future research endeavors.

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