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Dror Raviv

Member of the board

Dror Raviv was born on the 23rd of September 1949 in Israel.

After completing his military conscription, he attended the University of Rotterdam where he obtained a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

By his late 20s, Dror became the CFO of Dead Sea Periclase Ltd, one of the largest chemicals companies in Israel, and in his early 30s he took a position as the CFO of Degem Systems Ltd, a world leader in computer-based education.

An aspiring entrepreneur, Dror established his first company in Israel at the age of 35, specializing in security and telecommunications. The business exposed him to some of the most remote, risky, and exciting adventures of his career – from providing security services to South America’s tycoons, to protecting prominent figures in New York, and developing security protocols and training programs for entities in Africa.

The business eventually led Dror to open a permanent base in South Africa, where he established an aviation company to deliver food and cargo to war-torn African nations and refugees, predominantly under the UN’s world food programs. As he travelled and worked around Africa, he identified the vast business opportunities that existed in the underdeveloped continent, amongst them, a lack of telecommunications infrastructure.

In 1995, Dror established TVS Telecom and began operations in Southern and Westen Africa, laying some of the first fiber optics cables in Angola as soon as the 30-year civil war came to an end. After a series of successful projects, he was approached by Angolan Ministries to assist in rebuilding the battered country. His ambition and entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to expand the business from telecommunications, to engineering and construction, and he steadily became a regular contractor for the government.

Today, Dror’s umbrella company, the Logistica Group, is proud to have been involved in numerous projects which have contributed significantly to the development of Angola and other African nations - from designing and building numerous petrol stations, to the full turn-key implementation of several marine passenger terminals in Angola, to dredging, piling, IT services and more.

Dror is also an avid investor in numerous start-ups In Israel and around the world, focusing mainly on innovative technologies that are geared towards accelerating human and financial development. Amongst these are investments in blockchain, drone, and health technologies.

Dror Raviv
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