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Board of Directors

Lana Volokh, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Lana Volokh has 18 years of experience in healthcare industry in variety of positions including R&D, system engineering, advanced technologies management, clinical research management, product, clinical and regulatory strategy development and management. She has worked in corporate (GE Healthcare, Israel and USA), academic (Johns Hopkins University) and start-up (Arineta, and more) environments. Dr. Volokh has been key contributor to development of a number of products combining high technology and clinical components.

(GE Healthcare Israel and USA, Johns Hopkins University)


Alex Tendler, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Dr. Alex Tendler is an entrepreneur, scientist and researcher with vast experience in management of international projects in various areas of life sciences and biomedical engineering such as drug delivery, neuroscience and medical devices. He has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary projects from concept development to clinical research, including IP development, scientific writing, and teaching. Dr. Tendler has deep knowledge of a wide range of research methods and techniques, including designing and monitoring laboratory and clinical trials and has led multiple innovative research and development teams. (Intel, Technion, University of Haifa, Rainbow Medical)

Dr Sidransky.jpg

David Sidransky, M.D.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Israel Biotech Fund

Prof. Sidransky is a renowned oncologist, research scientist and Professor of Oncology and Cellular & Molecular Medicine at John Hopkins University and Hospital. He was among the first researchers to identify p53 mutations and their function in a variety of human cancers. He has published over 600 papers in cancer biology, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Prof. Sidransky was Vice Chairman of ImClone Systems until its acquisition by Eli Lilly for $6.5B in 2008. He founded several biotechnology companies, including Oncormed Pharmaceuticals, (NASDAQ: ONCM), a genetic testing company that was sold to Gene Logic in 1998 and Champions Oncology (NASDAQ: CSBR) a developer of precision models for cancer therapy.

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Dror Raviv

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Mr. Dror Raviv is a serial entrepreneur and investor.

By his late 20s, Dror became the CFO of Dead Sea Periclase Ltd, one of the largest chemicals companies in Israel, and in his early 30s he took a position as the CFO of Degem Systems Ltd, a world leader in computer-based education. Dror established his first company in Israel at the age of 35, specializing in security and telecommunications. Today, Dror’s umbrella company, the Logistica Group, is proud to have been involved in numerous projects which have contributed significantly to the development of Angola and other African nations - from designing and building numerous petrol stations, to the full turn-key implementation of several marine passenger terminals in Angola, to dredging, piling, IT services and more.


Dror is also an avid investor in numerous start-ups In Israel and around the world, focusing mainly on innovative technologies that are geared towards accelerating human and financial development. Amongst these are investments in blockchain, drone, and health technologies.


Dror holds  a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Rotterdam.

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